Trisha Louis

Trisha Louis
Trisha Louis Canadian-Barbian actress and singer in 2012

Name: Trisha Olive Louis
Birthdate: September 6 1994
Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hometown: Dynamite, Barbia
Time of birth: 1:31 PM
Starsign: Virgo 
Ethnicity: Canadian
Occupation: Actress, singer
Height: 1.77 m
Weight: 52 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Platinum blonde
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, playing piano, violin, painting, drawing, reading books, watching movies
Interest: Music, art, books, fashion, movies
Skills: Piano, Drawing, Painting
Favorite artist: Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys
Favorite actress: Racheal Adams, Scarlett Johansson
Favorite color: Yellow, Pink

  • She is very shy and sweet
  • Has an angelic singing voice
  • Enjoys singing and dancing 
  • She spent time making covers on YouTube 
  • She can play piano and violin but more skilled in piano 
  • She is very talented in art, she can draw and paint beautifully
  • She likes her things to be neat and tidy 
  • She classify herself as "very girly", she loves shopping, try on new dresses, very fashionable, loves make up and loves pink
  • Her room is full of pink
  • She is a bookworm, she finishes the book in two days or three days
  • She is a big fan of Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johanson, she has considered them as her girl crush
  • She used to have a crush on Justin Bieber since a teenager, she also has a crush on Taylor Lautner.
  • She is a best mate of Meester Shay and attended the 
  • same high school together in Dynamite, Barbia
  • She wrote a play Princess T-ara with Meester Shay in University and it turned into drama series which they both started their acting career at the same time in 2012
  • She and Meester debut as a duo called Lil Missy A and released their EP Superstar in 2012
  • She succes her lead role playing Stella in My Cinderella and her screen/love team partner is Hodsone Scence in 2014

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